The Seventh Moon Wellness Spa

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Spa Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The Seventh Moon is a sacred space.  Please respect our No Shoe policy by removing or covering your shoes before you enter the spa.
Staff members wearing shoes keep that pair at the spa for spa use only, or have cleaned the bottom of their street shoes upon arriving at the spa.

Please be on time for your appointment.  Another client may be scheduled following your appointment.

Please be respectful of our staff’s time by providing at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment.  

No shows may be charged a fee of 50% of the scheduled service..

Payment is due at time of service by cash, check or credit card (Visa/MasterCard only).

Client confidentiality will be maintained.

Absolutely no sexual misconduct is tolerated; services will be terminated.

It is your responsibility to inform us of your health condition and medical history prior to your appointment.

A quick note about the Staff and our availability...
Each staff member at the spa is an independent contractor.  This means they are in charge of their own schedule by setting their hours and they work on a commission/percentage basis.  Some of the staff members work other jobs (part-time and full-time).  We do all that we can to accommodate your needs.  We are not part of a chain or franchise and therefore do not have employees (with an hourly wage) waiting at the spa for walk-in appointments.  Please take this into consideration when booking an appointment.
We DO NOT have a receptionist.  The hours listed for reference are hours we may have availability for appointments.  They are not hours that someone will be at the spa.

Children at the Spa
To maintain our serene atmosphere, we ask that you not bring children to The Seventh Moon Wellness Spa.  For safety reasons and insurance purposes, no child under the age of 12 may accompany you while you are having a service.  We do not have the facilities to care for children.  We love children, and we hope you understand that we cannot assure their safety in a professional environment.  We also do not want to compromise the relaxation of our guests.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated. 
We do, however allow children to enjoy certain spa treatments under the following guidelines: children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and all children under the age of 18 must have an adult sign their initial consultation form.  It is the adult’s responsibility to monitor the child’s behavior.

Gift Certificate Policy
Gift certificates are based on dollar value and can be exchanged for any service, class, or product purchase.  If your scheduled service is in excess of the gift certificate value, you can pay the difference.  If you do not use the full value of the gift certificate, the balance is tracked by Booker (our spa software suite).

Gift certificates cannot be used to tip your staff member.

The value of a session is used to determine a remaining balance on a gift certificate. For instance, if you choose to schedule a 30 minute massage while using a 1-hour gift certificate, a balance of $20 remains, not a 30 minute session.

If your gift certificate has expired and you want to schedule an appointment to use it, please call to confirm that the gift certificate is still available.  Expired gift certificates are donated to non-profit causes.

Gift certificates are transferable.  The new recipient must present the gift certificate in order to redeem it.

Inclement Weather Policy
Before or during inclement weather, staff members on the schedule for the day will be consulted and a decision will be made based on current conditions and the forecast.  Scheduled clients will be contacted by either Xandria or the staff member you are scheduled with.
If the spa closes all operations, a Facebook post will be created, an email will be sent to everyone on our email list and clients with scheduled appointments will be called with the phone number provided to us.
If you have an appointment and want to cancel/reschedule due to the weather, please call the spa and leave a message.  You can also text Xandria at 570-657-6345.
If an announcement of closure hasn't been made and you have an appointment scheduled and want to find out if we are open or closed, please call the spa and leave a message or text Xandria at 570-657-6345.
In the event of severe weather (or the forecast of such), Xandria will personally make a decision to close and communicate that in the above-mentioned methods.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter and look forward to seeing you at the spa.

Tipping Policy
Never expected, always appreciated.  There are ways to show appreciation other than tipping.  Referring our services to family and friends is a huge way of saying thank you, and a simple note is often a memorable sign of gratitude.  Please note; a balance on a gift certificate cannot be used as a tip.