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Mission Statement
"Making a connection in the lives of those we touch in an effort to reach a state of balanced living."

Our first Art Exhibit in the Stardust Lounge
Northern Exposure:  Light out of Darkness

Turquoise Meditation.  Acrylic on canvas.  18 x 24 in.
the work of Emily Marchello : curated by Rowan Laitila
Join us to celebrate our first show opening in the Gallery at the Stardust Lounge!  
The artwork is available for viewing and purchasing (4 pieces are still available) until April 16th.
If you purchased any artwork, it will be available for pickup during the week of April 11 - 16.

About the Artist
Emily Marchello is an artist from northwestern New Jersey.  She is currently studying art history at Moravian College and will be graduating with her Bachelor's degree in May 2016.  Upon graduating she plans on attending graduate school to pursue both a Master's degree and a Ph.D in historical anthropology with the intent to work in a museum or historical site.  

About the Art
When it comes to making art, I stand with the artist Pierre Auguste Renoir who said, "Why shouldn't art be pretty?  There are enough unpleasant things in the world."  While I have an appreciation for art that makes a statement, my true interests lie with how an artist is able to transform a flat, plain surface into something worth looking at, something that will captivate the viewer's eye. 
This series on the Northern Lights was painted after an experience of severe seasonal depression and was my way of coping with the darkness of winter by focusing on the light offered by the winter night sky.  In these pieces I experiment with the blending of light colors into a dark background in order to create a shimmering light effect, recreating the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.  
There is no need to register for this event, it is open to the public.  
If you have any questions, feel free to reach us by telephone, email, or by messaging us on Facebook.  

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Community Acupuncture
Second Friday of each month ~ 10 am - 1 pm and 3 - 6 pm
$20 per person

Community acupuncture is performed in our wellness studio.  You rest in chairs or on tables instead of being in a private room one on one with the acupuncturist.  Benefits include reduced treatment fees, the ability to get treated at the same time as friends and family, and the power of group healing.  Our goal is to provide quality acupuncture treatments at an affordable price.

Check out our Classes & Workshops page and join us in our new wellness studio. 
We are currently offering yoga, stretching, essential oil classes, and other workshops and will be adding more to the calendar throughout the year.

New Year Round Spa Policy
What started as an effort to keep the spa clean during the dirty winter months will continue throughout the year as a permanent policy.  Please understand the spa is a sacred space and removing your shoes before entering not only contributes to keeping the space clean, but also acts as a transition point in our mindset.

Just inside the spa entrance is a basket with slippers for your use.  Each time someone uses a pair of slippers they are washed and dried.

If you must keep your shoes on, we request you use a pair of blue booties to cover your outside shoes.  A basket with the blue booties is on the table outside the spa entrance, as well as a small waste bin to put used booties in when you leave the spa.

Thank you for your understanding with the new policy!

What our spa guests are saying:
"Just what Momma needed...
This was a wonderful experience.  The Seventh Moon Wellness Spa is clean, neat, and very inviting.  I was made to feel comfortable right at the start.  The Deep Tissue Massage was a greatly needed dose of muscle "unknotting."  Cinda was very friendly and professional.  I will be back and hope to make this a habit!  It is wonderful that "little" Lehighton has this oasis right in the middle!"
by L.R.

Group Scheduling
If you want to schedule multiple services for groups of five or more people,
you should contact the spa as soon as possible.
Scheduling groups for combined services (like massages, manicures, pedicures and facials) takes the coordination of several staff members and may take up to four weeks to accommodate.
A 50% deposit may be required for groups.
As always, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service.

A quick note about the Staff and our availability...
Each staff member at the spa is an independent contractor.  This means they are in charge of their own schedule by setting their hours and they work on a commission/percentage basis.  Some of the staff members work other jobs (part-time and full-time).  We do all that we can to accommodate your needs.  We are not part of a chain or franchise and therefore do not have employees (with an hourly wage) waiting at the spa for an appointment.  Please take this into consideration when booking an appointment.
We DO NOT have a receptionist.  The hours listed for reference are hours we may have availability for appointments.  They are not hours that someone will be at the spa.

 New Policy
Due to the relaxing nature of the spa experience, we respectfully request children be brought to the spa only when the child is receiving a service.

For consumer information contact:
State Board of Massage Therapy
PO Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649
Phone:  717-783-7155
Fax:  717-787-7769

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