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Nail Salon Services

Nail Services


Spa Pedicure
Toenail trim, cuticles removed, massage, exfoliating moisturizing mask with heated booties, pumice stone application, moisturizing massage, polish
60 minutes  /  $40

Classic Pedicure
Toenail trim, cuticles removed, exfoliating massage, moisturizing massage, polish
45 minutes  /  $30

Express Pedicure
Toenail trim, foot soak, cuticles removed, polish
30 minutes  /  $20

Pedicures for Men
Yes, men need pedicures, too!  Get relief for your tired, achy feet.
Foot soak, exfoliating massage, toenails trimmed & buffed, and moisturizing massage.
Express 30 minutes / $20
Classic 60 minutes / $30
Spa 75 minutes / $40

Gel Manicure
Get the manicure that lasts up to two weeks!  Fingernail trim, cuticles removed, finger soak, moisturizing mask, polish
60 minutes / $35

For your health and ours, this is a no odor acrylic service.
Full set   /   $45
Acrylic Fill   /   $25
Acrylic Overlay (without a tip on the nail)   /   $35
Acrylic Removal   /   $10  (as a stand alone service)

Spa Manicure
Fingernail trim, cuticles removed, finger soak, exfoliating mask with heated mitts, moisturizing hand massage, polish
60 minutes  /  $30

Classic Manicure
Fingernail trim, cuticles removed, finger soak, moisturizing massage, polish
45 minutes  /  $20

Express Manicure
Fingernail trim, cuticles removed, polish
30 minutes  /  $15

Youthful Rejuvenating Manicure
Reveal softer, more youthful radiance with this manicure!
This is a SpaRitual Signature Manicure - using the Handprint product line; a slow-aging formula containing Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Marula Oil, Griffonia Seed Extract, and Honeybush to deliver mositure, help promote healthy looking skin, and provide a breathable shield of protection to dry, active hands.
SpaRitual retail products are available to ensure continued results.
75 minutes / $40

Nail art and French Tips
$5 and up

Nail Repair
$5 each
Manicure for Men
Fingernails trimmed and buffed, cuticles removed, finger soak, and moisturizing massage.
60 minutes / $20

Medi Pedicures and Manicures
The medicures (medi-pedi and medi-mani) provides comfort and care for challenged areas like hardened and ingrown toenails, as well as chronically cracked or dry skin.  This therapeutic pedicure/manicure incorporates award-winning Gehwol (pronounced with a long e) medicated products to treat and protect feet/hands.  This is a non-invasive treatment that focuses on the aesthetics of the toenails/fingernails and the soles of the feet/palms of the hands.  If you choose, you can select a lacquer color to get the polished look.

Classic Medi-Pedi
60 minutes  ~  $40
Get all of the benefits of a spa pedicure: The experience begins with a relaxing herbal bath, which leads to a soothing bamboo scrub, further softening the feet.  The treatment is continued with the application of the callus remover and finished by shaping the nails and conditioning the cuticles.  Aches, stiffness and soreness will be relieved with a nurturing massage.

Deluxe Medi-Pedi
75 minutes  ~  $50
A medical pedicure refers to the examination and treatment of disorders effecting the feet and toenails by a qualified specialist.  The nails and cuticles are treated appropriately according to their needs, such as brittle and torn nails, ingrown nails and fungus.  This is a therapeutic pedicure with an elevated level of cracked skin and callus reduction treatment.  Finishing with a relaxing massage, your feet will feel cool, refreshed and hydrated.

Classic Medi-Mani
60 minutes  ~  $25
Transform your hands back to their youthful glow while enjoying a comforting herbal bath followed by a gentle exfoliation, dedicated care for nails and cuticles, thus concluding with a soothing, delightful and protective hand massage.

Deluxe Medi-Mani
75 minutes  ~  $35
Indulge your mind, body and soul with our Gehwol Deluxe Manicure.  Your experience will include a personalized treatment starting with a warm herbal bath and a gentle exfoliation, followed by a mask, providing maximum levels of hydration.  This manicure is dedicated to appropriately caring for the protection and moisture balance of the cuticle and nails, we may treat different conditions such as:  brittle and torn nails, ingrown and fungus.  We conclude with a hand massage providing exceptional relaxation to the lower arms and hands.