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Facial & Skin Care Services

Facial Services
Specialized services for every skin type!
We have four licensed cosmetologists on staff that have **
Professional retail products available to continue taking care of your skin at home!

Seventh Moon Facial
Perfect for all skin types.  Deep purifying cleansing along with exfoliation and warm steam to give oxygen to the skin.  Includes cleansing, toning, hot towels, mask & eye treatment
Extractions and face, neck, arm and hand massage followed by a mask and moisturizer to suit your skin type.
60 minutes  /  $60

Deep Pore Cleansing / Acne Facial
This dynamic treatment concentrates on the extraction and elimination of congested pores.  With the combination of Glycolic Acid and Enzymes, problem skin becomes free of excessive oil and comedones.
60 minutes / $65

Repêchage Red-Out Facial ** NEW **
We are bombarded by environmental aggressors every day.  But when it comes to your skin, all is clam.  Repêchage Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial with Micro Silver utilizes the latest research, and has been designed and formulated to help calm conditions such as rosacea, a condition characterized by chronically inflamed and irritated skin.  Research has found that rosacea is caused by skin microbes that thrive in bacteria present on the skin.  Micro Silver is an important antibacterial ingredient found in the Red-Out Facial and products.  Combined with the rich blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and antioxidants in seaweed, this Repêchage treatment creates the ideal environment for healthy skin.
60 minutes / $95

Repêchage Four Layer Facial
The Repêchage Four-Layer Facial is designed to combat the effects of deep dehydration using the best ingredients from the earth and sea.  This facial layers a thermal mineral mask over a seaweed mask to boost the penetration of nutrients and oxygenate deeper cells for improved cell rejuvenation.  This is the premier anti-aging treatment!  Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh, European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone, and firm the skin dramatically.
60 minutes / $95

Repêchage Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment
A professional treatment based on the latest advances in skincare and clinically proven ingredients that work to combat signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage.  Based on a combination of natural extracts of Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola, and firming Aosa Seaweed with targeted Dipeptides, Tetrapeptides, and enzyme stimulating Chrysin to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.  Argireline Hexapeptide helps to reduce wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming to help create a more youthful appearance around the delicate eye area.
30 minutes  /  $40     Add on to a facial or schedule as a stand alone service.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial
Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this resurfacing treatment gently exfoliates to improve the skins appearance and minimize pore size and oil production while stimulating new and healthy skin cells.  Extractions and face, neck, arm, and hand massage.
60 minutes  /  $65

Glycolic Peel with Facial
This intensive treatment rapidly exfoliates skin cells to clarify the complexion.  This most aggressive procedure is an excellent way to stimulate collagen and elastic production resulting in firmer, smoother and even toned skin.
60 minutes / $70
Five Session Series / $325
Two Layer Glycolic Peel / $80

"Back-ne" Facial
Facial for the back!  For those who have breakouts.  Cleansing is done along with applying an enzyme to kill bacteria while steam is going to penetrate the products deeper into the skin.  Finished off with extractions, a Mediterranean detoxifying mud mask and an acne spot gel to clear up the skin.
30 minutes  /  $50

Facial Upgrades
Glycolic Acid for your Hands
Glycolic Acid for your Neck
These treatments will help with the signs of aging in these areas.
Additional $10 for each


Sunless Tanning
Get the bronzed look without the harmful UVs.  You choose the shade of color you want (a seaweed based solution).  A staff member provides the service (not machine sprayed). 
Your skin should be clean and free from any moisturizers/oils/lotions when you arrive for your appointment.  You can wear a swimsuit or underwear that you don't mind if it gets stained by the spray solution.  You also get the best results if you don't shower for at least 24 hours after you've been spray tanned.  The tan will last longer if you don't use any exfoliants on your skin.

* An individual holding a cosmetologist license is qualified, without further licensure, to perform the functions of a cosmetologist, esthetician, nail technician or natural hair braider.


** An individual holding an esthetician license is qualified to perform esthetician services only.