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Body Wraps for Inch Loss & Cellulite Reduction

Signature Parafango Treatments for Inch Loss and Cellulite Reduction



What is Parafango and How Does it Work?

The word "parafango" is the combination of two other words:  "paraffin" (like the wax) and "fango" (the word for a special type of mineral mud; this mud being from the bay of San Michel in France). 

This is a luxurious treatment that is renewing and effective - as it is a spa service that moisturizes, purifies, and beautifies the skin.

Our Signature Parafango Treatment begins with an application of Cremfoliant (exfoliating cream gel with crushed apricot seeds) to stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate the skin.  Next, an application of a serum to the target areas.  You choose whether you are targeting inch loss or cellulite reduction (we will use either Aminodren for inch loss and Aminocel for cellulite reduction).  Finally, a thick layer of warm, hydrating Parafango is brushed over your body or target areas.  Then you simply relax for 15 minutes in a heated blanket.  The wrap is then peeled back to reveal a beautiful new you!

We're offering the Parafango Treatment in the following segments:

  • Entire Body     ~     $135
  • Mid-Section & Upper Thighs     ~     $95
  • Both Legs and Hips     ~     $70
  • Both Arms     ~     $50

We also offer 10% savings on any series of 3 or more sessions (per target segment).